Updated August 3, 2022

In addition to the policies outlined below, please see this page for the latest updates to our In-Person Brick and Mortar Group Class policies – Essential rules and procedures to keep our instructors and our students safe:

Refund Policies

When Hounds Fly has strict refund policies on all services purchased, including group lessons and private lessons.

Students registering for in-person group classes or private lessons should be prepared for the financial and time requirements needed to be successful in our programs prior to purchase.

All Group Classes

Suitability for Group Classes:

  • In-Person Group Classes: Dogs must not display aggressive or disruptive behavior towards other dogs or other people in class. Dogs must be healthy and free from contagious disease, female dogs in heat are not permitted in class.
  • Virtual Group Classes: Dogs that are fearful, anxious, reactive, or aggressive are permitted in Virtual Group Classes.
  • Puppy Start Right: Small Breed Puppies must be between 8-16 weeks or younger on the date of first class.
  • Larger Breed Puppies should be between 8-12 weeks on the date of first class.
  • Foundations Skills: 16 weeks or older on the date of first class
  • Vaccinations: For Puppy Start Right and Puppy Parties, one set of vaccinations and first deworming; vaccination schedule maintained per vet during duration of program. For Foundation Skills, current Rabies vaccination is required for dogs 6 months or older.
  • Minimum Age of Handlers – 13 years old handlers may attend classes unsupervised by their guardian (with their guardian’s consent)

Disruptive/aggressive dogs:

  • If instructors determine a dog is inappropriate for group classes, we reserve the right to remove the dog and handler from the program.
  • Remaining/unused class fees can be applied as a credit towards private lessons to address the fear/aggression issues causing the disruptive behavior. The client is responsible for the additional difference between our private lesson package fees and the unused class fee credit.
  • The client may also opt for a pro-rated refund if they wish to not pursue private lessons with When Hounds Fly–this must be requested within 14 days from the dog’s removal from classes.
  • Disruptive behaviors include (but are not limited to): Excessive barking, lunging, attempts to bite other dogs or people.

Disruptive handlers/people:

  • If instructors determine a handler is disruptive or inappropriate for group classes, we reserve the right to remove the handler from the program.

General Class Policies (All Classes):

  • Classes are approximately 50 minutes in duration.
  • We start on-time or may delay the start by up to five minutes depending on weather and traffic conditions.
  • We typically conclude classes after 45-50 minutes of training, although at the discretion of the trainer, may shorten the class duration if the dogs are fatigued.


Start Any Time Classes (Puppy Start Right, Foundation Skills)


  • Refunds/Exchanges available within 10 days of purchase, prior to any class credits being used to reserve or take Start Anytime classes

Program Completion Timeframe:

  • Classes must be utilized within the respective program timeframe – credits expire after 3 months from purchase, inclusive of long weekend closures or our winter holiday schedule. Please purchase credits, book, and attend classes consistently.

Cancellation policies:

  • All “Start Anytime” Classes: Handlers may remove themselves from the online class calendar up to 24 hours prior to the start of class and not consume one of their class bookings.
  • Failure to cancel a reserved spot on the calendar means that class slot is forfeited/used against your program’s total available class bookings.
  • We regret that cancellation policy exceptions cannot be made for personal issues (family matters, work matters, cars breaking down, etc.)
  • Please see our Covid-19 re-opening policy for exceptions.

Illness/Medical Issues:

  • Extensions to your program can be granted for the following two conditions: a) Bitch in heat b) Quarantine due to contagious illness, provided proof is supplied from veterinarian.
  • “Fair Use Exception” – Unfortunately due to the abuse of this policy in the past, we reserve the right to suspend this policy to specific students who utilize this option excessively.


Fixed Schedule Classes (Tricks, Rally Obedience etc.)

Confirmation of Booking/Registration:

  • Fixed Schedule classes are booked by pre-registration and pre-payment online via our booking portal.
  • As capacity is limited, book early to avoid disappointment.
  • You will receive an automated email confirming your registration after your online purchase.


  • Due to the very limited number of spaces available and inability to have new students join last minute/midway, there are No Refunds for Fixed-Schedule classes.

Missed Classes/Makeup Classes:

  • Fixed Schedule classes do not have makeup lessons available.
  • If you are available, but your dog is not (i.e. due to illness/injury), you can always attend a class without your dog to audit, and practice at home.


Private Lessons/Behavior Consults

Suitability for Private Lessons:

  • Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations per our Group Class policy.

Confirmation of Booking/Registration:

  • Due to our limited availability for private training, payment must be made in advance to hold your reservations.


  • Cancellations/Rescheduling require at least 48 hours notice, otherwise your prepayment is forfeited.
  • Exceptions will be granted if you are Covid-19 symptomatic, exposed, or test positive after the 48 hour cancellation window.

Consult Lengths:

  • Initial consults are always 90 minutes in length. Followup consults are a minimum of 60 minutes in length.

Minimum Bookings:

  • For cases involving fearful/aggressive behaviors, clients must sign up for two sessions (one 90 minute, one 60 minute) in advance.

Private Lesson/Consult Completion Timeframe:

  • All consults must be used within 6 months of payment, otherwise they are forfeited.


  • Due to the limited number of private lesson appointments available, No Refunds are permitted.